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                    Are you a Mature Adult looking for Fun & Fitness ??               

URban Dancing

the preferred

"Adult Social dance scene"

in New England

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

Are you looking for a way to meet new people, have fun burning calories while boosting your Metabolism in the New England Area of Massachusetts? 

Visit NESLDN class sessions with the NESLDN Instructional Team. 


Don't let the next phase of life get you down....Do what Grown Folks in 2018..  Socially dance with like- minded adults, experience the Nightlife, opportunities to Travel, Physical image changes, Self-awareness and Empowerment that has transformed the average person to Line Dance Lovers, Steppin Instructors, Competition Dancers, Detroit Ballroomers and more...It's time to dance BOSTON...Soul Line Dance...that's what we DO!  Steppin....What Grown Folks Do! We LIVE, LOVE, LINE Dancing right here in BOSTON & coming to Somerville-Dance Union!   Recruiting Professionals & Non-Professionals ready to enter the NEXT PHASE.

Note:  All New Students, Beginner or Beginner Adv dancers should complete 1-2 Beginner classes before advancing to more intense classes or be able to pass a line dance skill assessment with any NE Soul instructor.  Dancer's also coming from other groups must speak with our Instructional team before advancing. Social media is a part of social dancing, this organization planning and communication is done 99% thru Facebook only general information is maintained on this website.



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